September 2023The Importance of Lease Terms By Doug Robbins

We just completed the sale of a small manufacturing company whose 10,000 sq. ft. lease was about to expire, and the rent was increasing from $6.00 per sq. ft. to $13.50 per sq. ft. The annual base rent increased by $75,000 and the value of the business dropped by almost $400,000.

July 2023Digital Marketing & Social Media for Professional Services

While traditional marketing tactics are more familiar, they are also typically more expensive and no longer have the success rates that once occurred. By diversifying your marketing activity with digital marketing, you can reach more potential customers in new and exciting ways!

May 2023Leading in the “New Abnormal” By Bruce McAlpine

The future viewed from today is a lot more nebulous and challenging than it was yesterday. Your team needs to be adequately prepared for the future by having a clear understanding of the external threats and opportunities, as well as their internal strengths and weaknesses. With adequate preparation and a focus on the levers we can control, the opportunities are endless!

February 2023Advisory Councils By Doug Robbins

An Advisory Council is comprised of external advisors who can provide you with advice as well as an external perspective to help you with your business decisions. Proper use of an Advisory Council can increase both the profitability and the value of a company. What should an Advisory Council consist of?

JANUARY 2023Recession-Proof Your Business & Thrive During Challenging Times -Liquid Capital

In a recession, ensuring your business has enough working capital is not only key to continuing to meet your day-to-day obligations to employees, suppliers, and customers – but it can also put you in a position to take advantage of opportunities to grow. How can I ensure my business is prepared for a recession?

NOVEMBER 2022Relationships for Success - Judi Johnstone

The numbers are staggering when it comes to success built from a network rather than the drudgery of online searches or the price of costly errors in misplaced trust. Businesses who network find themselves enjoying opportunities to share their knowledge and, by doing this, strengthening their relationships.

OCTOBER 2022My Second Life, aka Retirement - Alan Wainer

The advantage of retirement is that it gives you the ability to live life on your terms and gain more control over how you use your time and invest your energy. Retirement has two facets to it: your life plan and your financial plan. Do you have a life plan?

SEPTEMBER 2022Strategic Use of Sales Outsourcing - Harvey Schiller

In any business organization, you must have an effective sales process in place or everything else is useless. However, the process of selling something has changed dramatically. The main purpose of a salesperson is not to make sales but to initiate and nurture customer relationships. This is where strategic sales outsourcing can be most effective and efficient.

AUGUST 2022A Digital Avatar - Every Marketing Function Ought to Have One - Tali Hasinov

The internet is continually changing, as is consumer behavior and the best practices in marketing. Staying up to date with digital marketing trends keeps you ahead of your competitors and ensures that you stay relevant with your customers. Today, many industries are embracing digital avatars. What is a digital avatar?

JULY 2022Are You Risking Losing Your Nest Egg? - Florian Meyer

Many business owners have all their corporate assets in one company. What happens when that company is sued for some unforeseen reason? All the assets in that company are now at risk. Is this risk worth taking, or is there something you can do about it?

JUNE 2022Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in 2022 - Sara Maenhaut

It’s an employee’s market right now. Candidates can pick and choose what companies they want to work for. If you’re not providing what employees want, you risk missing out on top talent. They will get it somewhere else, maybe even with your competitors. What are the top trends for attracting the best talent?

MAY 2022Who is Addressing the Elephant in the Room? -Dan Millar

For decades now, employers have offered Employee Benefit programs to their employees and premiums have been reasonably simple to manage. “Shopping around” to find an insurer offering lower rates has been the favored solution of many brokers and advisors for years.

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