Selling Your Business

Robbinex has accumulated knowledge based on more than four decades of experience and approximately 400 closed transactions. Factors we believe are successful to the sale of a business include:

Client motivations, including fully understanding the goals of our clients

Proper preparation of a business for sale

Comprehensive preparation of the information required by investors

Effective execution of a transaction, supported by the proven Robbinex Three-Phase Process™ for selling a business.

Not Ready To Sell? Plan Your Business Exit Strategy Instead

Business owners should start succession planning at least 3 to 5 years in advance. A business exit plan requires a team of professionals, including an accountant, a lawyer, and a wealth manager. Many business owners postpone exit planning because it can be difficult to put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. Robbinex can step in at any point to relieve the stress of planning.

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Our Three Phase Process of Selling a Business

The process of selling your business requires your commitment to the implementation of a complex process that could take upwards of a year to complete.

Robbinex takes a unique approach to selling your business called The Robbinex® Three-Phase Process™. We strive to level the playing field for our clients when negotiating with more experienced buyers. 

Robbinex has developed and implemented an advanced best practices program that exceeds the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) industry standards, allowing us to be more flexible and innovative in order to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Why Choose Robbinex to Sell Your Business?


Business owners are often concerned about valuable information falling into the hands of competitors, and do not want clients or employees to learn that the business is for sale.

Our process is designed to manage and minimize the risk of information leakage, and reduce the time that the company is on the market, further minimizing risk.

Competitive Process

It is not uncommon for there to be interest from multiple prospective purchasers, resulting from Robbinex’s Phase Two Seven-Step Marketing Plan™.

The Robbinex team is experienced in dealing with multiple offer situations to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

No Asking Price

The Robbinex® NAPP™ (No Asking Price Program)

Robbinex doesn’t assigned an asking price since qualified buyers understand and appreciate that the value of a business is more than just dollars and cents. Business Value is often determined by a wide number of factors including:

  • Tax planning and future cash flows
  • Earn-outs and royalty programs
  • Real estate ownership and standing lease agreements
  • Asset vs Share (stock) sales
  • On/Off balance sheet considerations
  • Non-compete agreements, and/or consulting contracts
  • Synergistic considerations

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Buyer Qualification

Robbinex’s Buyer Qualification Program identifies individuals and corporations that are ready for a new challenge. This process verifies that buyers possess the financial resources to not only purchase a business, but to make it a profitable and rewarding venture.

Qualified buyers must provide financial capability information and sign Robbinex’s Confidentiality Agreement that clearly sets out the rules of engagement for both the buyer and seller.

Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Rooms provide an online virtual deal room solution, designed to streamline document management, collaboration, secure file sharing and archiving of our clients’ confidential information.

Each file is password-protected and time-stamped so that we can determine who has been visiting the data room, the length of time they remained, the files they accessed and what they printed. Each item printed is watermarked.

The combination of a Phase One COSATA® process and a Virtual Data Room simplifies and speeds up the due diligence process for both sides of a deal.


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