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As a Business Broker and M&A Advisory firm in Ontario, Robbinex has specialized in helping owners of mid-sized companies with all business transitions since 1974.

Exit might mean selling your business, but often there is another option that is more appropriate. Check out the 14 alternatives to selling a business on our business brokerage services page. The alternatives range from management buyout (MBO) to passing the business to the next generation.

Robbinex has developed and registered an ISO Certified process (9001-2015 International Standards Organization) to help business owners analyze exit options, and then help execute whatever option is most appropriate. To the best of our knowledge we are the only business brokerage and M&A advisory firm in the world certified by the International Standards Organization for the process of selling a business.

Get to Know Robbinex®

As a business broker based in Ontario we have successfully supported 1,000+ business owners across North America achieve their goals

We believe that exiting a business should be as carefully planned as starting a business and must include a well-planned strategy in order to help secure the future legacies of our clients and their families.

Whether the decision is a next generation transition, to refinance, bring on new management, or simply sell, the final decision should be based on facts, logic and common sense.

Since 1974, the Robbinex team has successfully completed over 1,000 assignments relating to advising clients on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A); valuations; transferring businesses to the next generation; partnership resolutions; refinancing; business brokerage services and numerous other consulting activities.

We are proud to be Canada’s exclusive member of M&A Worldwide

M&A Worldwide is a global network of 49 International corporate finance and business brokerage practices in 36 countries. Membership of M&A Worldwide allows us to work with ‘best of breed’ for key sectors in key geographic markets.

Through our Partnership we are able to access an unusual range of strategic buyers, acquisition and merger candidates, as well as financial partners to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Over the past 5 years the Partners in M&A Worldwide have successfully completed mandates totaling over $25 billion in transaction value.

The Robbinex Mission

To assist clients to make…

…the right decision at

…the right time for

…the right reasons™