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Business Advisory Counseling

Business advisory councils bring external advisors to the situation you are facing who can provide you with advice and support. Robbinex’s background as generalists qualifies us to facilitate these discussions and brings creativity from an outside source. Our Cooperative Network is a strong source of potential professionals to engage.

All business owners, at some point in their career, will reach a crossroads with the business where they won’t know how to proceed. Access to a council of trusted professionals on a regular basis can minimize the chance of operational disruptions and would help you to work on your business, rather than just working in your business.

An advisory council can be used to answer many types of questions. Consider the following:

  • Do you want to retire someday?
  • Who will take over your company when you retire?
  • Do you need a family trust for your children?
  • Do your kids work in the business?
  • Is the business set up in such a way that your kids could take over without disruption operations?
  • Do you have the proper corporate structure in place for tax efficiency upon exit from the business?
  • What are the personal tax implications of selling your business?
  • Have you taken the necessary steps to use your Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption?
  • Is the business having cashflow problems?
  • Are you using the business’ cash effectively?
  • Is an acquisition worth it for the company?
  • Can the business afford an identified growth opportunity?
  • Does the business rely heavily on you?
  • Do you have any partnership issues that you don’t know how to resolve?
  • What will happen to your loyal employees?
  • Do your employees expect long-term job security from you?

Let Robbinex help you set up your company for success today.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Robbinex Team has a worldwide network of M&A advisors with whom we collaborate (M&A Worldwide).

Our strength in cross-border transactions is a major advantage to North American clients who are selling their businesses or seeking investors. Our expertise in transaction structuring allows us to create win-win solutions for both sellers and buyers, improving the odds of successfully completing your transaction.

If you need help with an acquisition, please see the Robbinex® Acquisition Strategic Search Program (RASSP®) page.

Strategic Alliances

A strategic alliance typically involves two or more companies entering into a contractual relationship for some type of strategic cooperation. Robbinex can help a business to define the needs that could be addressed by a strategic alliance and can facilitate negotiations of the agreement.

Solving Business Problems

Businesses can often face problems relating to:

Expanding into a new geographic area

Acquiring people, property, and equipment

Improving a company’s competitive position

Solving supply chain issues

Creating economies of scale or synergies

Robbinex offers comprehensive business consulting services proven to address related concerns at varying levels of severity. No matter the concern, we can help you develop a solution.

Family Business Planning

It is never too early to start planning and decisions regarding family members can be difficult to navigate without external support. Whether you are thinking about future management, how ownership is going to be passed along, taxes, or your legacy, you will be thinking about how your decisions will affect your family.

Business Psychology

If you are a parent thinking of a next generation transition, or the owner of a business considering selling to key employees, you have a lot riding on whether the individuals you have in mind have the attributes necessary to successfully own and run a business.

The Thomas HPTI Assessment (High Potential Trait Indicator) is a psychometric assessment tool that provides easy to action solutions that Robbinex can assist in the implementation of. Robbinex employs two team members who are qualified to administer these evaluations and interpret the results. Learn more about Psychometric Assessment Tools

Next Generation Transition

Many business owners dream about the day that their children will take control of the business. When the children have had the proper training and experience, seeing them take over and successfully run a business can be one of the most gratifying experiences for a business owner and parent.

At the same time, passing on a business to the next generation is a challenging form of transition. Robbinex can assist in the transition between family members, protecting both the value of the business and your family relationships.

Value Enhancement Services

Value enhancements can create long-term benefits for your business that would be reflected in the price your business eventually sells for. The Phase One - Comprehensive Business Analysis process provides initial recommendations to remove impediments to sale and for value enhancement opportunities.

Robbinex is qualified to administer the input sessions to complete a Value Opportunity Profile (VOP). VOP critically evaluates each facet of your business based on extensive survey-style submissions. We can then provide guidance and actions to be taken based on this standardized assessment.

Financing Advice

Private businesses often require external funding to operate with limited complications. Funding applications can require professional guidance to complete due to the complicated nature of Canadian banking legislation. As a well-informed company in the industry, who does not directly provide funding, we can use our expertise to level the playing field.

We will use our relationships to determine your best opportunities to obtain funding with minimized restrictions.

Strategic Planning

If you have worked on the 10/5/3 Strategic Planning Workbook, you have begun strategic planning. Robbinex is well-positioned to help business owners move from the initial stages of strategic planning to developing a comprehensive long-term strategy by providing an outside perspective.

Our expertise in business transactions allows us to take a value-informed position when we look at an organization’s long-term plans.


What is business consulting and why do businesses need it?

Business consulting is an industry in which someone who has significant business knowledge and acumen works closely with a business owner and their team to improve financial and operational performance. Businesses and business owners need consulting services to supplement their own knowledge. You, as a business owner, are an expert in your own niche market and the processes you have built to serve that market. Business consultants are experts in improving existing businesses and can pull expertise from a much broader range of sources.

What are the key benefits of hiring a business consulting firm?

As consultants, our teams look at a couple of hundred businesses every year. We’re into a lot of businesses on a regular basis, and we learn a lot. We can bring a great deal of objectivity to most businesses precisely because we are outside, looking in. We usually see things differently than most owners do. A new perspective can help you to increase revenue, improve profitability, and/or reduce expenses dependent on the inefficiencies discovered.

How do I know if my business needs consulting services?

If you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, your business could need consulting services. One of the key opportunities provided by bringing in outside help to address a problem is that your consultant will view the business from a very different perspective than you do. They will be able to identify solvable problems that you may have become accustomed to and will generate creative solutions for any concerns identified.

Can your consulting firm help with business growth strategies and expansion plans?

Yes! While Robbinex does not provide business plans, we are experienced in helping businesses grow to meet their potential. As consulting intermediaries, we have helped business owners in a variety of industries design a growth plan through mergers, acquisitions, and strategic activity to attract growth support, such as additional financing. A Confidential Strategic Assessment, one of our service offerings, is a strong first step in determining business growth strategies and expansion plans as it will give you a clear picture of your current situation from a new perspective.

Can you assist with identifying and solving specific business challenges or problems?

Yes, this is one of the core purposes of consulting services. With context from you and your team, we can assist you in identifying business challenges and proposing solutions. If you agree with the course of action, we can also support you in the implementation of corrective actions. For problems that will take longer to address, you may consider the Advisory Council option, where we work closely with your accountant and lawyer to create a team of individuals to support the improvement of the organization.

How do you ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive business information?

All Robbinex team members have been trained on the importance of maintaining strict confidentiality and our processes are designed to protect your business from sensitive information leakage while working with our firm. Before you share any confidential information with us, we will provide you with a confidentiality agreement to sign and return that will protect and apply to both parties.

How long does a typical business consulting engagement last?

The length of a business consulting engagement is completely dependent on the type of business problem that we are trying to address and the budget for the project. The process can take as little as 10 hours or upwards of 400, but those hours could be spread out over any length of time.

How can I get started with your business consulting services?

Send us a message through our Contact form or Schedule a No-Obligation Consultation to get started.

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