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The COSATA® Process (COmprehensive Strategic Analysis of Transition Alternatives)

Selling your business requires your commitment to the implementation of a complex process that could take upwards of a year to complete.

Robbinex takes a unique approach to selling your business. We strive to level the playing field for our clients when negotiating with more experienced buyers.

Robbinex has developed and implemented an advanced best practices program that exceeds the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) industry standards, allowing us to be more flexible and innovative in order to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Phase One: Comprehensive Business Analysis

During the Phase One Process, Robbinex will perform extensive research on your company and the effects due to the market in which it operates.

The service model generates continuous interaction between our analysis team, the business owner, and their trusted advisors. We perform an upfront analysis of your Situation Assessment, provide a written valuation, and prepare next steps to progress towards your opportunities analysis. Ongoing support is available to implement chosen tactics.

Our information collection process acts as a preliminary due diligence stage and prepares you for the stress of responding to information requests from a potential buyer. It also provides you with a pause or decision-making point to confirm whether to go to market immediately, resolve any impediments to a sale, and consider our value enhancement recommendations.

Phase Three: Negotiating and Closing

Robbinex facilitates discussions regarding deal structuring and negotiation of the transaction. Our goal is to complete a sale with the best possible economic gain for our client while meeting the needs of both the buyer and seller.

We use a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in place of a Letter of Intent (LOI), as both a negotiating technique and a selling tool. An MOU establishes economic terms and conditions and sets the process in motion. The terms of an MOU will form the basis of the eventual Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Recall that Phase One of the Robbinex® Three-Phase Process™ acts as a preliminary due diligence stage. The earlier preparation ensures a smoother interaction while finalizing a deal.


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