Phase One COSATA®

During the Phase One COSATA® (COmprehensive Strategic Analysis of Transition Alternatives), Robbinex will perform research on both your company and the market in which it operates.

Research is performed as if a buyer were scrutinizing your company. The result of this is a report that will allow you to prepare for a buyer’s Due Diligence. It also provides a pause or decision-making point as to whether to go to market immediately, remove any impediments to a sale, or implement our value enhancement recommendations.

Market Research is a crucial step in the process of selling a business for the highest price. Robbinex researchers study market definition, market share, industry trends, competition, niches, geographic influences, life expectancy of products/services, legislative factors, (all things that an investor will want to understand!) and of course, what motivates a buyer in a particular industry. As a business owner, keep in mind that almost every buyer will have a very different perception of “growth and risk” of your business and industry than you do.

Robbinex Process - Phase I COSATA - Analysis


Analysis and comparison of your company’s operating results with industry standards is paramount to understanding how the business is operating in the market and why; what factors are restricting or limiting the business; and what would happen if they were removed. Robbinex valuators carefully analyze the business, using a recasting procedure that is critical to determining a realistic value of the business (see also our section on Business Valuations)

Business valuations are performed by assessing the business from numerous points of view – the most common being:

  • Historical Recast Earnings,
  • Present Value of Assets with Goodwill,
  • Comparable Transactions and, most importantly,
  • Future Sustainable Earnings.

Business Valuation

A Robbinex business valuation is delivered in a clear, concise manner. As an owner, you will know what your business is worth and why.

Value Enhancement Opportunities are often uncovered and, with some effort on the part of owners, may significantly increase the value of a business in a relatively short period. These opportunities will be detailed in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Exit Planning can significantly influence your decision with respect to transitioning your business. Robbinex negotiators know that it is not how much you sell your business for that counts, but how much you get to keep after tax that’s more important. Often, a little time spent on issues such as:

  • Tax planning,
  • To sell assets or shares, and
  • To include or exclude real estate from the offering can make a substantial difference on the total after tax compensation realized from a transaction.

The Phase One COSATA® report will summarize our findings with respect to these issues. As a business owner, you will have a clear understanding of the value of your business, its problems, challenges and opportunities. Many of our clients have also received important insights that have allowed them to improve their businesses.