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In recent times, some of the best marketing moves have come from teaming up with the right partners. Strategic partnerships are quite common in several industries including manufacturing and distribution. These partnerships can come in many shapes and forms and can help you grow your business by accessing new markets, and sharing resources and expertise that are beneficial to both parties. You might have heard about big names like Apple and IBM, the World Cup and Adidas, or Uber and Spotify. Nowadays, especially with social media taking over, smart brands team up with popular online influencers to get people excited about what they're offering.

As with most professional services, as new technologies emerge, the industry must adapt to keep up with competitors in terms of efficiency and protection of confidentiality for clients. In the M&A market, this is seen through new methods to share confidential information with fewer opportunities for security breaches, but it also seen in the technologies that allow transactions to occur with shorter timelines. Deal fatigue is when the buyer, seller, or both begins to feel frustrated, irritated, or upset by the pace of the transaction and is a leading cause for deals to fall apart. Technological development has been extremely effective in minimizing deal fatigue among firms who adopt the right software.

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