Tali Hasanov

WSI Digital Path Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Tali is a results-driven digital marketer with a track record of growing her clients’ businesses and driving revenue. She has more than 15 years of varied and in-depth experience that has helped to make her an industry leader. And in a rapidly evolving field, she’s been able to stay several steps ahead of the mainstream trends, a significant advantage that pays huge dividends for the businesses she works with.

But perhaps more than anything, she just simply loves digital marketing! It’s both a creative and business discipline, a dual role that lets her tap into the multidimensional skill-sets. She has a great eye for the look and feel of marketing assets that engage both B2B and B2C customers and compel them to interact with her clients’ websites and content. At the same time, she thinks analytically and focus a great deal of attention on the functionality and tracking of the campaigns – making certain that they are optimized, precisely calibrated, and geared to driving maximum ROI.

As the business owner at WSI Digital Path, Vaughan, she takes great pride in delivering powerful but cost-effective solutions for her clients.

Tali can be reached by email at tali@wsidigitalpath.com