Steve Ackroyd CPA, CA

President, Stephen Ackroyd CPA Professional Corporation

My name is Steve Ackroyd and I am the owner and principal of Stephen Ackroyd Chartered Professional Accountant. Like many other CPA’s out there, I provide a complete list of accounting services for individuals and corporations. Where I differ – and an important part of the value I provide for my clients – is in helping them understand what the pages of numbers churned out by accounting software mean to them.

There’s a story behind those numbers and I help my clients understand it. But before I can do that, I need to understand them: I take great pride in learning as much as I can about their specific situations because everyone’s position is different and that dramatically impacts how to optimize your personal and business finances.

As I provide accounting services to my clients I spend time with them breaking down what it all means into easily understood and easily digestible pieces. The advice I provide is straightforward and actionable – I’m not out to impress myself or you with fancy terminology or complex accounting theory. I remove the stigma and intimidation from corporate and personal finances and empower my clients to make the best decisions possible.

Service offerings include:

– Personal Taxation, including small businesses
– Corporate Taxation
– Trust Taxation
– Year-end Reporting (Compilation Engagements)
– CRA Audit Support
– Tax/Estate Planning and Restructuring
– Consulting and other services as required

Steve Ackroyd can be reached by email at