Sam Kohli

Senior Appraiser, Kohli Appraisers

Sam Kohli has been a senior appraiser at Kohli Appraisers for the past 20 years. Sam has qualifications as both a machinery & equipment appraiser and leasehold valuator. As a machinery and equipment appraiser, he is able to appraise commercial locations such as gas stations etc. He also conducts industrial valuations in a variety of fields such as: manufacturing, plastics, metalworking, trucking and transportation, printing & graphics, woodworking, warehousing and distribution, scrap and recycling, etc. Sam does both equipment and inventory valuations in these industries. Sam also does valuations of food production, restaurants, retail, healthcare and all other categories of machinery and equipment. In terms of his experience with leaseholds, Sam regularly values internal/external improvements to buildings, greenhouses, full building structures on leased lands and acts as a project monitor for major lenders.

Sam’s background in technology allows him to appraise both hardware and software. Beyond traditional desktops and notebooks, he has expertise in servers, storage, routers and other IT equipment. His experience in software allows him to appraise off the shelf software, modifications to industry solutions, and custom software. This unique ability allows his appraisals to be used in purchase price allocations (to substantiate asset values), financing and other key valuation situations.

Sam is a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group (CPPA). He is also a member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). He has completed an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics with a major in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Lastly, Sam has his MBA (finance option) from the Rotman School of Business (University of Toronto).

Sam can be reached by email at