Lynda Davidson

Business Systems Strategist, LD Business Focus

I officiate the integration of your business process and financial systems game plan.

As a Business Systems Strategist, I help frustrated entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of running a business by building processes that work for them, selecting the right automation systems for where they are now and where they want to go, and helping people feel more comfortable with the tools they need to run their business faster and easier.

As a QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor and my 4+ decades of business and financial systems software knowledge, I support business owners who track finances on their own. Businesses need someone they can trust to help them solve problems that come up with their financial tracking system, integrate efficiently with other software, provide workable business solutions for their business, and let them know when they should ask their accountant.

My passion is to give business owners the support and strategy they need so they can focus on following their passion and creating profit.

Lynda can be reached by email at