Laurel Crossley

The Little Wellness Company

For over 30 years, Laurel has been working in the wellness industry as an entrepreneur, wellness speaker, life coach to adults and children, and adult educator in numerous continuing education programs. Always searching for solutions that are readily and easily accessible for clients, she has built up a solid foundation of resources and connections in wellness communities surrounding the GTA.

Laurel’s expertise lies in locating wellness solutions and supports that make sense to busy business owners that need solutions to support themselves or their employees. With the current gaps in wellness supports (mind, body and spirit), she has sourced out the best services, products and programs in support of wellness promotion through her wellness collaborative – Laurel believes possibilities are endless, exponential growth is inevitable and wellness is easily achievable when you have the “right” supporting environment!

In Laurel’s downtime, you will find her barefoot and tending the beautiful gardens that surround her home.

To learn more about Laurel and the work she does or book a meet and greet you may email her at: or text her: 905-484-9101