Laura Barbisan

Co-Founder & Owner, Leadership Design Studio

Laura Barbisan is a Certified facilitator, Executive coach and Co-founder and owner of the leadership design studio, that helps organizations develop their managers to unleash the potential of their teams and deliver exceptional results, through offering leadership development workshops and programs as well as Executive Coaching for individuals and teams. They combine years of operational experience together with leadership and team development concepts and theories and have supported team in various industries in countries across the globe, developing leader and teams to create sustainable growth for their organization.

Laura’s extensive business acumen has developed high quality business strategies leading leaders to advance employee engagement and developing high performing teams. With over 20 years in leadership, including her time with IKEA Canada where she oversaw operations responsible for 1,500 employees and $1 billion in revenue, she has brought vision, experience and energy to charitable, social and inclusive organizations to realize sustainable, impactful and humanistic growth.

Laura can be reached by email at