John Holland

Consultant, Plutus Consulting Group

Over 30 years experience as President, Managing Director and VP Marketing of Fortune 500 companies (Unilever, Richardson Vicks/P&G, Sara Lee) in North America, UK, Europe and Africa.

Skilled in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) marketing, successfully launched new products in Europe, Africa and North America, helping companies to achieve their branding and market penetration goals.

  • Responsible for the worldwide product innovation, rebranding and growth program for a global product line of Sara Lee Corp in 1998.
  • Over many years he has guided businesses in such areas as:
    • Clarity of business Strategy, and performance improvement (ROI)
    • Branding, Product Innovation, Marketing & Sales strategy
    • Organizational goal alignment and employee motivation
    • Business planning and Process management
    • Operational efficiencies

John uses a proprietary diagnostics tool to identify barriers to enhanced performance, and works with ownership to develop strategies and action plans to implement the agreed turnaround plans. This results in increased business value.

John can be reached by email at

John Holland