Daniel Millar

Principal, Benefit Partners

Mr. Millar has over 30 years of experience in the benefits/Insurance industry. He is a Consultant and Principal of the firm Benefit Partners which is a division of People Corporation. Dan has extensive skills and experience in the areas of benefit plan design underwriting and ongoing benefit plan management. In addition, he is an expert in collective purchasing of employee benefits and is responsible for the design/underwriting of some of the firm’s largest employer and association type benefit platforms. These include the Consulting Engineers of Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta, the Ontario General Contractors Association, The Canadian Transportation Equipment Association, the Employers Cooperative benefit plan and 6 other Provincial/National mandates. Daniel has been asked to assist in mentoring and teaching some of People Corporations newest sales Consultants to transition some of the extensive experience and knowledge he has gained in his successful career. The clients of Benefit Partners represent some of the greatest challenges due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the employee groups, and the geographic dispersion of the clients’ employees.

Daniel is married to Rosanna (39 years) they have two children. Megan graduated in Business at Brock University and is presently working in the Insurance Industry and has given Dan and Rosanna two grandchildren, Viviana, and Benjamin! Michael, their son is a graduate of Guelph University and has been working initially as an Employee Benefits intern for the first 4 years and has taken on the role of consultant for many of Benefit Partners clientele in his 8 years with Benefit Partners.

Daniel can be reached by email at dan.millar@benefitpartners.com