Allen Chin

Mortgage Broker, Guardian Mortgages

With a background as an Economist, Allen spent most of his career among some of the top automotive manufacturers in the world. He brings with him a mixture of business/engineering acumen that has allowed the teams he’s mentored to sustainably create unique tools and solutions to address in/direct business challenges.

Educated in Economics at York University, Allen spent most of his academic and personal life surrounded by finances. Financial theory was tested by practicality when he decided to join the ranks of a first time home buyer. He found the process to be disjointed and inefficient, especially when it came to the mortgage component. Frustrated by the interest rate/transactional process and wanting a product that will actually reduce the time to pay off his first mortgage, he decided to take it upon himself to study the mortgage market. What he found was life changing, and was what eventually allowed him to ultimately leave his career and pursue real estate investing full time.

He is a strong proponent of financial stewardship and literacy, believing it to be one of the cornerstones of well being and good mental health. A dedicated father to two lively boys, a devoted husband to his beautiful wife; he takes pride in trying to achieve balance. A goal that he shares with every one of his agents and clients.

Allen can be reached by email at: