Robbinex Cooperative Network

What is the Robbinex Cooperative Network?

As facilitators of expertise we created the Robbinex Cooperative Network as a platform for connecting trusted professional advisors and business consultants in varying specialties.

The network consists of people we have worked with in the past that share our values and support the Robbinex mission statement.

To assist clients, who are considering transition, to make…
…the right decision at
…the right time for
…the right reasons™
by providing experience-based knowledge


For more information please contact our Member Liaison – Judi Johnstone by email or phone 905-228-3457

Team Members

Apolonia D’Sa, CIRP

Apolonia D’Sa, CIRP

Licensed Insolvency Trustee,
Albert Gelman Inc.

Gay Hamilton

Gay Hamilton


Harvey Schiller

Sales Outsourcing,
Corporate Kinetics

John Holland

John Holland

Management Consultant,
Plutus Consulting Group

Kiran Mann

Kiran Mann

Business Coach,
M2M Business Solutions

Sara Maenhaut

Sara Maenhaut

Human Resources,
North Star HR Solutions

John A. Beaton

Business Strategy,
Team Results Inc.

Yasir Jamal

Equipment Re-seller,
ListingHippo, Inc.

Scott Heltcher

Property Insurance,
Martin & Wright Insurance

Michael Hunter

Wealth Management,
MJH Financial Inc.

Leslie Priest

Talbot Marketing

Donna Sauve

Social Media. Web SEO,
Your Digital Advantage

Olya Glotka

Olya Glotka

Doug Kerr

Business Coach,
The Alternative Board

Mark Steele

Real Estate Broker,
Casam Realty Inc.

Jerry Adel

Business Process,
Jerry Adel & Company

Blake McDonell

Management Consulting,
Bedford Advisory

Rodrigo Carus

Finance Structure,
Phare Enterprise Solutions

Jennifer Martin

Corporate Fulfillment,
Mixto Ltd.

Michael Rosenberg

Human Capital Investment,

Greg Norris

Business Financing,
Liquid Capital

Florian Meyer

Financial General Manager,
Newhouse Partners Inc.