Steve Wittal, CSL, CEPA, C.Dir.

President, Navisant

Certified Sales Leader (CSL) / Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) / Chartered Director (C.Dir.)

Steve is the founder of Navisant, a Scale to Exit Advisory, which helps CEOs build exitable companies – companies that are more valuable and easier to run. He does this through high-performance incrementalism: reverse-engineering aspirational goals into actionable, achievable game plans.

Setting out to systematize and scale a small family business early in his career, he eventually led sales growth at a $350M+ company, guiding a team of 100+ account executives in locations across North America. When he closed the largest deal in the company’s history, valued at $180M, it brought into focus his core talent: reverse-engineering aspirational BHAGs into tangible outcomes.

Today he helps CEOs, and their leadership teams build exitable companies, even when selling is not part of their vision. He believes firmly that exitable businesses outperform all others – both from the perspective of a prospective buyer and the perspective of the people running the business. Through his Leader’s Playbook series as well as fractional engagements, he works as a trusted advisor to provide clarity around leading a business, increasing its value, and making the business easier to run.

A die-hard sports fan (with hockey at the very top of his list), he leverages best practices from his favourite teams to inspire his business thinking and methods. He enjoys sharing the occasional hockey metaphor—particularly in his biweekly newsletter, The Scorecard—and is continually inspired by winning playbooks to build game-changing strategies, on and off the ice.

Steve can be reached by email at


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