Gay Hamilton

Director of Business Development, WW Works

As a business and technology professional with diverse international experience in digital innovation, information technology, and operations, Gay Hamilton works with organizations to help align their technology needs with overall corporate goals. Using the ability to understand technology’s role in supporting the business allows Gay to work towards reducing costs while increasing stability and security. Key areas of expertise are Cybersecurity, and IT solutions.

IT infrastructure has become integrated to every company’s day to day life, and this will only continue to increase. As a result, increases of cyberattack and lack of talented in-house IT staff are becoming greater problems. For owners of small and medium sized businesses the need to focus on margins, new markets, and supply chains has never been greater. A dependable, forward thinking technology partner is the perfect solution – it allows the business owner to focus on the vital revenue generating activities while the cyber threats, internet connectivity, and IT infrastructure are looked after.

How we help:

1. Work life has changed dramatically in the past few years. The move to remote work forces that came about early in 2020 as a response to COVID has created the opportunity for hybrid work solutions. And with the change to hybrid comes bigger threats to security and more complicated infrastructure. We put a plan together to ensure cost effective, secure, stable environments.

2. Historically in an M&A transaction the technology review has been done by looking at a spreadsheet of assets; not much detail is provided and a great deal of trust is required. It is now possible to have a complete listing downloaded from the network identifying all the hardware and software assets, including the health and age of each. By providing an audit of the IT infrastructure, both the seller and the buyer can support the asking price and clearly identify the risk of a cyber event.

3. We provide enterprise level IT infrastructure with pricing options designed specifically for small and medium sized companies. Our expertise and knowledge, extraordinary hands-on desktop support, and complete IT infrastructure product set including user security awareness training, backups, internet, phones, hardware, applications on premises or in the cloud all of which is completely wrapped in cyber security and monitoring is a leader in the market

Gay can be reached by email at


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