Bayan Chacra

Business Director, Mindloop Media

Bayan Chacra is a seasoned sound engineer and SFX editor with over 20 years of experience in the video production industry. Currently serving as the Business Director at Mindloopmedia INC, Bayan has honed his expertise across multiple countries and renowned studios and TV channels throughout the Middle East and North Africa. His professional journey includes significant collaborations with entities like the UAE government and major brands such as Nestle, Toyota, and Samsung, highlighting his ability to manage and deliver complex projects in high-stakes environments.

Under his leadership, Mindloopmedia INC specializes in simplifying high-end video production for esteemed brands, ensuring that creativity meets quality in every project. Bayan’s approach to leadership is built on a foundation of transparency, integrity, and collaboration, with a strong emphasis on open communication and ethical conduct. He fosters a cooperative environment that brings diverse ideas together to drive innovation and achieve common goals.

Bayan is a BMD certified, holds a degree in sound engineering and a postgraduate certificate in post-production. His deep commitment to professional excellence and his broad international experience makes him a valuable leader and innovator in the video production industry.

Bayan can be reached by email at


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