Angelo Rao

Senior Consultant, A Rao Operations Consulting Services Inc.

Angelo’s extensive experience in streamlining value stream process and transforming operation leaders into professional problem solvers has created real value for his clients in the form of higher efficiencies, productivity, and quality while reducing operating costs, while leading to profit making.  He prides himself on the strong partnerships he builds with both Senior Executives and employees – helping to bring their ideas to fruition to optimize workflow and increase productivity.  Angelo’s expertise resides in strategic planning, supply chain, Performance Excellence, capital project management, organizational development, process engineering and optimization, and equipment installation and commissioning.  Industries include food, construction, and manufacturing.

Implementation Highlights

  • Areas of Expertise – Manufacturing processes, controls, and improvements: SWOT analysis, PEST and VRIO analyses, advanced statistical process control, LEAN and Six Sigma manufacturing principles, various tools of process analysis and improvements, various quality standards and knowledge of mechanical and automated processes.
  • Food Manufacturing – Managed the day-to-day operations of a 20,000 sqft facility which manufactured hot cereal products in Canada. Generated production schedules, prepared operating budgets, and directed human resources functions.  Managed the supply chain structure and sales forecasts, raw material purchases, production planning, and delivery of finished goods.  Oversaw purchasing and maintenance departments.  Installed 2 new filling and packaging lines that increased productivity levels b 70%. Improved product quality by 75% and delivery targets by 80% through new processes and improved production lines.  Ensured quality and high standards were achieved.  Streamlined processes to improve productivity by 35%
  • Human Resources – Responsible for human resources functions for between 30-100 employees, including recruitment, training and development, and health & safety. Chaired government funded committees to address 5000 displaced employees due to the introduction of the NAFTA Agreement.  Focus on productivity improvements to improve employee dedication and morale.
  • Notable Achievements:
  • Commissioned a 400,000 sqft plant that produced steel frame homes for export. Implemented automation – a relatively new concept in construction at the time – that reduced manufacturing costs by 70% over conventional methods.
  • Successfully oversaw the recommissioning of a 20,000 sqft food packaging production facility from receivership to full operations/production and supplying product to customers within 60 days.
  • Designed the process and machines that apply cementitious coatings to decorative moldings which resulted in labour costs reductions of 65% over traditional methods.

What about Angelo (icebreaker fact):  Holds 3 patents (1 in Canada and 2 in the US) for the process and machines that apply cementitious coating to decorative mouldings.

Angelo can be reached by email at


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