Psychometric Assessment Tools

If you are a parent thinking of a next generation transition, or the owner of a business considering selling to key employees, you have a lot riding on whether the individual(s) you have in mind have the attributes necessary to successfully own and run a business.

Thomas HPTI Assessment (High Potential Trait Indicator) is a psychometric assessment tool that we use which combines technology, psychology and data to translate people’s diverse characteristics into easy to understand, easy to action solutions that are accessible to everyone for their recruitment, retention and development decisions. We use this tool to determine the attentional and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

Thomas International is a global specialist in work-based, user-friendly assessments, providing objective data to accurately identify people’s work behavior, learning capability, leadership potential and emotional intelligence. With 40 years of experience, we work with business and talent management leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals by enhancing hiring, retention, development and management. Thomas has offices in over 60 countries, and assessments in 56 languages. Learn more about Thomas International