3 Tools to Manage FX Risk and Enterprise Profit

There's Always a Way to Sell Your Business - Book Cover

Many of our clients have exposure to foreign currencies (FX) within their yearly business cycle, but do not utilize the array of foreign exchange tools that are available to manage the risk of fluctuating currency values and the profits associated with those risks. Net Exporters hope for a weak Canadian Dollar (like we are now […]

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Crying Over Spilled Oil

An owner, Jackson, approached us to sell his small machine shop. It was absolutely pristine, located in a brand new 10,000-square-foot building, situated in a farmer’s green ten-acre field. It also featured a paved driveway and parking lot and was well landscaped. We recommended that a phase one Environmental Impact Study be done prior to […]

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Shhh – Keep it Quiet

Confidentiality is one of the most important things for a business owner to consider when it’s time to sell. In fact, as our experience has shown us time and time again, sellers who maintain a very high level of confidentiality are much more likely to get a favourable amount for their company. If you have been […]

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The Coke Bottle

Owners can’t really see their business objectively. Let’s think of your business as being housed in a giant Coke bottle, which in days of olde was a sculpted green glass bottle. Remember how light coming into these bottles was distorted? First it had a tinge of green and second, everything was out of focus. All […]

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Just Another Day at the Office

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How to Fill Those Sixty Hours? Selling the business isn’t an end. It’s a beginning. But the beginning of what? If business owners fail to see what’s out there for them if they sell, they will prefer to stay in that protective trench of their business. It’s important for such owners to have a clear […]

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