Selling Your Business

Robbinex has become one of the very few Advisory / Business Brokerage firms in the world focused on helping owners of mid-sized companies with transition, and if appropriate, to engage in various types of transactions,  including the sale of their companies. We have assembled a formidable amount of knowledge based on over four decades of experience and over five hundred successfully closed transactions. We have honed all of the factors that we believe are successful to the sale of a business, including:

  • Client orientation, including fully understanding the motivations and objectives of our clients;
  • Better preparation of a business for sale;
  • Better preparation of the information required by investors;
  • Better execution of transactions, backed by Robbinex’s Three Phase ISO 9001-2015 certified process for selling a business.

Robbinex specializes in helping owners of mid-sized companies sell their businesses, and is the only Advisory / Business Brokerage firm in the world to have developed an ISO certified process (ISO 9001-2015) for the sale of a business, designed to:

  • Achieve the business owner’s objectives
  • Maximize likelihood of a transaction closing
  • Improve the final price received
  • Minimize the time a company for sale is “on the market”
  • Maintain complete confidentiality and ensure a consistently positive experience for business owners

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