Phase Two

Phase Two – The Marketing Plan

Once a decision has been made to go to sell your business, Robbinex creates a comprehensive plan to research, target, approach and attract the best buyers available. Maintaining confidentiality is critical during this phase.

Marketing of a business requires the careful creation of an Offering Memorandum that emphasizes the future strengths of the business, its markets, customers, employees and suppliers, remembering that true value lies in future earnings. Robbinex specialists spend a great deal of time documenting a believable future. A de-identified Factum is also created for distribution to members of the Robbinex buyer database.

A Marketing Strategy is developed, using databases of North American and international companies. The Robbinex sales team routinely communicates with an average of 150 to 200 buyers for most assignments. Company owners play an active role with Robbinex at this stage, to review and approve targeted potential buyers.

Robbinex’s “No Asking Price” program ensures that a ceiling is not placed on the value of your business when it’s taken to market.

Buyers from all over North America are routinely contacting us, looking for opportunities. Careful screening as to motivation and financial qualification of all inquirers is routinely conducted. Confidentiality is paramount and a Confidentiality Agreement must be signed as the initial step of the screening process.

Strategic or synergistic buyers tend to pay more for a business than investment or employment buyers. It is important to prioritize such prospects during the initial stages of a buyer search program.

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