No Asking Price

The Robbinex® NAPP™ (No Asking Price Program)

Businesses offered for sale by Robbinex do not have an asking price. Qualified buyers understand that the value of a business is more than just dollars and cents. Several factors determine its value including:

  • Taxation and cash flows
  • Earn-outs and royalty programs
  • Leases vs real estate ownership
  • Asset sale vs share (stock) sale
  • On/Off balance sheet considerations
  • Non-compete agreements, and/or management/employment consulting contracts
  • Synergistic considerations

Our experience has proven that these factors cause the value of a business to be dynamic rather than static. Robbinex has learned that qualified buyers prefer to set the transaction structure and market value of a business as they see fit. Setting an asking price sets the structure. This restricts the buyer’s flexibility and creativity in putting together a transaction that is best for both parties.