Yasir Jamal

Co-Founder, ListingHippo, Inc.

ListingHippo, Inc. is a GTA consignment company providing an end-to-end sale program that eliminates all the work, hassle, and risk that comes with selling unwanted items. We store your items at our facility, list them on all relevant marketplaces and handle negotiations & sales. Our services are good for both businesses and homeowners looking to reclaim lost space without the troubles involved in selling. We also have an on-premise solution for equipment too heavy to move and a disposal service for items that do not have value. Some of the material we accept include, but not limited to:

Spare Parts & Tools
Material Handling Equipment
Processing Equipment
Installed Equipment
Plant Support Equipment
Shelves & Furniture
Restaurant Equipment

Yasir can be reached by email at yasir@listinghippo.com