Scott Heltcher

Insurance Broker, Martin & Wright Insurance

After being in the insurance industry for over 30 years, it’s very clear these days that you get what you pay for.

Every business needs to complete a complimentary review of their insurance.

It could be as simple as:
– updating the values that you should be insuring
– checking into your business interruption coverage
– confirming that you have liability for a new product or service that you now offer
– or extending coverage for sales to a new country.
These examples are NOT automatically insured and quite often missed or communicated.

It is amazing when I review existing policies, as I always find something that is missing or a business protection that you should consider.

I’ve worked with 100’s of companies over my career and they all have been very thankful when they see what they are missing.

By educating clients and asking the right questions, at least they will know their options and are able to chose accordingly.

As a true broker, I can “shop” the market and offer comparisons. I can also add value to your insurance plan, through great customer service, support and information.

I work with existing businesses or brand new start ups and guarantee that an introduction to me will be a win-win situation for your contact.

Scott can be reached by email at