Sandy Halloran

S Halloran Consulting

I’m passionate about helping small business owners, especially construction, real estate and property management businesses, design financial systems that work. My specialty is in improving operations and processes related to growth, cash flow management, profit margins and risk management.

Having attained an MBA and significant work experience as a financial business administration professional, I’m experienced at leading teams and creating structure as an enterprise grows, particularly around accounting and financial standards.

As an Enneagram Coach, I also help business owners see their patterns around finances and financial management that don’t serve them, help them resolve these challenges and identify and capitalize on their strengths.
Some of the top challenges I see with clients include:

  • an inability to grow their business;
  • lack of clarify around their business finances, cash flow and profits;
  • overspending or underspending;
  • trying the newest thing, technology, idea to help, without success;
  • unable to meet cash flow obligations;
  • stress and burnout – doing it all themselves;
  • not asking for help.

Sandy Halloran can be reached by email at