Rodrigo Carus

Founder & CEO, Phare Enterprise Solutions

Founder and CEO of 4 Companies:
Northstar Enterprise Solutions, 6 Years, Mexico
Financial, Administration and Valuation Solutions for SMBs, 700 k yearly Income
Phare Enterprise Solutions, 1 Year, Canada
Financial, Administration and Valuation Solutions
Nova Market Solutions, 1 Year, Canada
Asset Manager & Real Estate investing for offshore capital
Armma Patrimonio, 2 Years, Mexico
Private lender for SMBs and payrolls loans, 200k yearly Income

Our Clients:
• More than 20 clients from various industries, markets and countries
• Ad-hoc solutions
• Retention rate of 90%
• Clients yearly income ranges from 1 to 50 million USD yearly

Previous Experience:
15 years in Financial, Banks and Asset Managers
Last Corporate Job, Pension Fund CIO, with AUM of 40 billion USD
Masters in Finances, Bachelor in Economic
Happily married, 2 children 5 and a 3 years-old
Loves Scuba & Nature

Rodrigo can be reached by email at