Raffi Oshagan

Garo Consulting Inc.

A highly experienced data management and applications development professional, Mr. Oshagan has devoted more than 35 years working with, or leading businesses in the challenge of applying information technology. This experience has placed him in several high-level management, design, and development positions. His range of knowledge and depth of experience have lead him to many technical successes, guiding his team & clients with innovative and unconventional thinking.

Mr. Oshagan founded Garo Consulting Inc. in 1999 to formalize the already strong consulting relationships he enjoyed with his clients. Since then, Garo has evolved to offer exceptional software design & development services, helping businesses automate sales, production, and operations. Mr. Oshagan brings a strong understanding of process, modeling, UX/UI and the software life cycle, and potential benefits in the business realm.

Garo team has grown to include seasoned business analysts, database architects, application developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers. They work together to build smart desktop, mobile and tablet applications that reflect the goals and priorities of the client.

Garo is a software developer that stands by solutions they build. They take pride in them, support them, maintain them, and nurture their growth. The solutions they design are innovative and create long-term efficiencies for the businesses they serve.

Raffi can be reached by email at raffi@garo.ca