Phil Kriszenfeld, FEA, Q.Med, CEA

President, Transitions Mediation and Consulting Group

FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor), Q. Med (Qualified Mediator), CEA (Certified Executor Advisor)

As a Family Enterprise Advisor, my focus is all about creating clarity for family businesses that are planning for their successful future. The scope of work is often varied but not limited to assisting with simple and complex succession plans. The key is working with a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders both current and future. Often times, Family struggle in having these conversations so by offering to facilitate and lead these discussion, even the quietest of participants will be heard.

Conflict is an unfortunate but very real part of this type of planning. As a qualified Mediator, I have the skills to manage this conflict and work towards a desired outcome. People do not like to talk about this conflict and that’s when it generally gets worse. With my help, we bring these issues forward and look towards the resolution that is best for all involved.

Phil lives in the lovely town of Dundas and works with clients throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Phil can be reached by email at