Michael Rosenberg

President, ai2hr.com

Michael Rosenberg, M.B.A. is the President of WPV Corp., an organization that specializes in workplace violence compliance and solutions. Michael is an internationally-recognized thought leader in strategic human resources and former paralegal. He is a widely published writer whose work has been featured in Chief Learning Officer magazine, The Globe and Mail, H.R. Reporter, and the Mississauga Business Times. He is the author of The Flexible Thinker®: A Guide to Creative Wealth and The Flexible Thinker® Guide to Extreme Career Performance (co-written with Sandra Boyd) and has been a guest lecturer at several universities, Recently Michael has completed a study with St. Mary’s University’s Organizational Psychology Department to create a risk assessment and system to ensure both compliance with workplace violence legislation and identify potential areas that may lead to workplace violence. Michael studied workplace investigations at Queen’s University’s Industrial Relations Centre (IRC) program and is an experienced workplace violence investigator.

Michael can be reached by email at michael.rosenberg@ai2hr.com


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