Kiran Mann

Founder, M2M Business Solutions


Ms. Kiran Mann is the CEO and Founder of M2M Business Solutions, a people-centric business consulting & advisory company. With a vision of ‘Growing People, Growing Business,’ Kiran has provided management consulting & advisory services on 100+ projects to more than 60+ clients. She focuses on executing and measuring specific, key strategic initiatives by aligning people to process and technology. Kiran had the opportunity to work with the c-suite at leading national and international manufacturing, plastics, logistics, IT, automotive, commercial lighting, construction and food organizations.

She believes that every organization has unique needs. To succeed, she encourages her clients to stay laser-focused on their moving vision, monitor their business pulse and align their people and process to their plans for sustainable business growth. Kiran and M2M (Made to Measure) are committed to driving organizations to workplace innovation for market competitiveness, customer experience to make them feel valued, and a happier organizational environment with consistent higher employee satisfaction and retention levels.

“I wake up with a mission to inject magic of Joy and human connections,
from homes to workplaces.” – Kiran Mann

Her futuristic approach and the ability to use customized, unconventional tools and techniques enabled her to play a critical role in enhancing the overall value and making organizations empathetic, efficient and highly profitable.

“Leadership is fundamental in creating a positive, idyllic company culture and setting the platform for happy, productive, and fulfilled employees.” – Kiran Mann

An undergraduate degree holder from the University of Toronto and an Executive MBA from Western University, Ivey School of Business, she is a member of Forbes Coaches Council. She holds various chair positions in global associations. A daughter of an army Colonel and mother of 3 beautiful girls, Kiran cherishes her memory box from two decades of corporate leadership experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. Kiran is passionate about contributing to an increasing percentage of happy organizations around the globe that drives efficiencies, cost savings and sustainable growth as a result.

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Kiran Mann