John A. Beaton

Chief Opportunity Officer, Team Results Inc.

John A. Beaton is a Senior Advisor specializing in Partner Innovation, with unique skills in transformation, revitalization, and turnaround programs.  He has spent the majority of his career in large and small businesses. He has assisted with corporate expansions, portfolio improvements and re-vitalized dying projects. John is a proactive and resourceful leader who thinks and acts strategically and advocates collaboration, teamwork, alliances, and the critical importance of diverse human capital.

He is highly skilled in focusing on key leverage points that produce the fastest impact on bottom line profits, believing in the power of the team, continuous improvement, and learning organizations. As an advisor, he is extremely effective in developing strategic alliances and new marketing channels.  He has developed and successfully completed strategic alliances, partner portfolios and business development projects.

John can be reached by email at

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