Jennifer Martin

Bond Consulting Group

I am an upbeat, positive “we can do it” type of person. I believe in the power of team work and communication. My husband says, I just like to “get ‘er done!. And he’s right. I do. In fact, so does Bond Consulting Group.

My strengths include relationship & team-building combined with general business, marketing & sales strategy with an insane focus to detail.

Currently, my Account Executive position at Bond Consulting Group allows me to offer insight to Canadian Corporations who may be eligible for SR&ED* tax credits and refunds. It is an incredibly rewarding job and I get to work with a phenomenal team of people who have been doing this for almost 20 years in the industry.

*SR&ED stands for Scientific Research & Experimental Development – it is the largest and the most important corporate tax incentive program in Canada. The program rewards corporations that have incurred expenditures in order to discover “an advancement in knowledge in a field of science, technology or medicine.”

Evaluations are at no cost and the client success rate is 99.5%.

Watch Bond Consulting Group, CEO – Julie Bond as she interviews with Canadian journalist, Peter Mansbridge & Dragon’s Den, Arlene Dickinson at they discuss SR&ED and the various industries & sectors that may be eligible to receive refunds:

Watch Research Organizations and SR&ED with Arlene Dickinson:

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