Aaron Baer

Partner, Renno & Co.

Aaron is a Partner at Renno & Co., a boutique law firm that is practicing law in a modern way. Previously, Aaron was an partner at a large Canadian firm.

Clients like working with Aaron because he’s an entrepreneur and a business person at heart. Aaron provides practical, plain-language advice – which is especially helpful when he works with people buying and selling a business for the first time.

Aaron is the Co-Founder of 4L Academy, which provides modern, interactive training for young Canadian lawyers and law students. Aaron is also the Co-Founder of Build Your Book (and co-host of the Build Your Book podcast), which provides modern sales training to lawyers.

Aaron speaks regularly on a diverse range of topics and he maintains an active thought leadership presence on LinkedIn, with millions of viewers a year.

Aaron was recently named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada and was a winner of the 2021 Precedent Setter Awards.

Aaron can be reached by email at aaron@rennoco.com