Erika Giuggio

Business Optimization Specialist, Schooley Mitchell of Brampton

Erika, a Business Optimization Specialist at Schooley Mitchell, embodies the perfect blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. With a rich background in digital marketing and the distinct achievement of two patents in the cosmetic industry, she stands as a force in the world of business optimization.

Business Optimization Expert:

As a Business Optimization Specialist at Schooley Mitchell, she channels her extensive background in digital marketing into helping businesses streamline their operations and reduce costs. Her strategic approach focuses not only on cutting expenses but also on creating a robust foundation for sustainable growth.

Strategic Connector:

Erika’s unique value proposition lies in her role as a strategic connector. Beyond cost reduction, she understands the importance of linking businesses with the right specialists to accelerate their broader goals. Her extensive network becomes a catalyst for fostering collaborations that drive overall business success.

Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion:

Her commitment goes beyond the boardroom. Recognizing the challenges faced by women and minorities in the business world, she actively seeks opportunities to support and uplift these voices. Erika believes that a diverse and inclusive business environment is essential for unlocking innovation and ensuring equal opportunities for all.
In every facet of her professional journey, Erika is not just a Business Optimization Specialist; she is a catalyst for positive change. Through her work at Schooley Mitchell, she is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of business operations, fostering collaborations, and creating an environment where businesses thrive and diversity is celebrated.

Erika can be reached by email at


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