Chris Anton-Griesbach, CTC, ACC, MCC, ECC

Senior Travel Advisor & Cruise Specialist, Clarke-Way Travel

Many people ask Chris, why should I book my travel with you?

Her answer always is: Why wouldn’t you.

Her services are free of charge, and her clients benefit from the expert and inside knowledge of destinations from her 40 years of extensive travel experiences. These include: exotic safaris in Africa, the Great wall of China, the great pyramids of Egypt and, the Nasca lines in Peru. Chris has cruised on dozens of ships across multiple cruise lines. There are very few Caribbean ports that she has not been to, and many that she has been to multiple times. With that type of knowledge, her clients get the absolute most out of their vacation.

A cruise vacation starts by booking with an expert who knows the industry, the cruise lines, management staff and ships. With her personal knowledge, Chris is an expert who will recommend not only a cruise line but an individual ship and a cabin location that will exceed expectations. She guides her clients through the entire process, from booking to departure and return. She is someone who will watch for those price drops that occur in the cruising industry and automatically adjust the fare lower. If her clients need a flight, pre and post cruise packages, transfers, or recommendations on what to do in ports there is no need for them to look any further!

While cruising is Chris’ favourite mode of travel and her specialty, she has also traveled to many distant and exotic lands. She loves to experience different cultures and taste the local cuisine. She enjoys the uniqueness of the land and meeting its people. She often take the less travelled path and truly immerses herself in the destination.

You don’t need magic to disappear… just a great travel agent!

Websites are for looking, travel agents are for booking!

Chris can be reached by email at


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