Brad Fitzsimmons

CEO, Purpose Driven Freedom Inc.

Certified Blockchain Expert MIT, Masters In Small Business

“Brad has put more time and energy into my dream than anyone else.”
“Brad believed in me more than I believed in myself, and that made all the difference.”
“Brad cared enough to make me do what needed to be done, not what I wanted to do; I fought him hard and he made me feel comfortable with change.”

These quotes ring familiar among his clients because Brad helps owners use their businesses to create freedom. Brad’s Purpose Driven Freedom™ program allows owners to transform their small business into a Legacy Enterprise™, which is valuable, profitable, and enjoyable.

Most owners turn their business into a prison of their own design without knowing how they got there, and once they are in, the only way out is personal and professional purpose.

Brad’s professional purpose is to help owners build organizations that create purpose-driven freedom for owners driven by their clearly understood personal, professional and enterprise purpose. Most owners have some vision for their business, but they have never considered the personal and professional tradeoffs needed to make that vision happen. Brad makes sure his clients do not end up years down the road finding this out, and he helps them make the vision for their purpose comprehensive.

Brad started his first company at 13 years old and sold it at 18, so he has been an entrepreneur for almost his entire life, building and selling small- to mid-sized businesses – and working at every level of them – in 37 countries. An unbreakable optimist, his experience with these companies allows him to see opportunities where others see only problems.

Brad cares enough to challenge you and your assumptions. Comfortable talking to anyone, he is a natural influencer. As one client relays with a touch of irony, “He will make you do something because you want to do it.”

Since 1990 Brad has been turning challenges into opportunities; he is grateful for challenges. People recognize that when he is with them, he is truly present, satisfied with where he is in that moment because he is living his purpose.

Ultimately, what drives him is making the world a better place through others. “To build and elevate groups of trusted people so that anyone can be inspired to leverage the power of each other.”

Brad can be reached by email at


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