Bhargavi Rajesh

Cost Reduction Consultant, Schooley Mitchell

Businesses are bombarded with multiple offers on the latest technology, services and applications every day. Bhargavi helps her clients make sense of their telecom, card processing, small package shipping, waste disposal, fuel & utilities allowing them to receive independent, objective advice that reduces their expenses by an average of 27-28 percent.

Her clients include businesses of all sizes from all industries. With a background in financial management and analysis, she knows how hard it can be for a professional to keep tabs on all areas of their business. She becomes their outsourced cost optimization expert continually monitoring their services to ensure they are receiving the best possible services at the best possible price.

Her services are completely risk-free – if she is unable to find savings, there is no cost in engaging her. The only fees are a shared portion of the savings generated. Any business that uses telephones, wireless devices, computers, processes debit or credit cards, ships small packages, uses electricity, gas, water, fuel or simply generates waste can benefit from her expertise.

Cost savings is a talk in every business meeting and a primary focus for every business leader, as we all know – “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”. The saved dollar goes directly to the bottom line and improves the profitability of a business.

Give Bhargavi a call and talk about how she can help your business become more profitable without you spending time, money or resources.

Please contact her to learn more:
Voice: 226-499-4420
Mobile: 416-912-1854


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