Robbinex® Acquisition Strategic Search Program (RASSP)

Robbinex® Acquisition Strategic Search Program (RASSP) Includes:

  • A valuation of your business
  • A SWOT analysis of your business
  • A summary of various alternatives
  • A summary of companies in your targeted geography
  • A detailed analysis of targets most closely aligned with your business’ goals
  • Confidentiality Program ensures only those targets who pre-agree to confidentiality know who you are
  • Valuation support on targeted businesses
  • Negotiation support
  • Due diligence facilitation
  • Financing arranged (if needed)

Robbinex will manage each step in the process from the Phase One COSATA® to the marketing plan through to negotiations and closing.

“Completing a successful acquisition is not an event, but the result of a long carefully planned Acquisition Search Program, often spanning years.” D.M. Robbins, President, Robbinex Inc.