London, ON

The Mufflerman Inc.

Our 57-year-old business has been family owned and operated since 1964. We are second-generation shareholders who have operated the business for the past 25 years. It was very important to us to find buyers who would continue the traditions that have made us successful. Our customers and employees are the focus of what we do every day.

With the shareholders ranging in age of 53 – 69 and no next generation children working in the business, we made the decision to sell. The business has been doing very well over the past 8 years and, as they say, the best time to sell your business is when you don’t have to.

When we decided to start the sales process, we engaged Robbinex to help us. The process was seamless, easy and everything went well. We were pleased with how the closing negotiations were handled.

One thing is for sure… we would not have achieved the goals we were looking for without the help of Robbinex.

John Brouwer

Guelph, ON

ED Industrial Ltd.

Starting a Millwright and Fabrication business in early 1981 only meant independence for me then. I only knew how to talk and use tools. Learning the long list of duties as an Entrepreneur never ended as I found out. Thirty years passed and many employees with total sales of a couple hundred million dollars, I was tired.

A chance meeting one afternoon changed that when I met Doug Robbins. Like a lot of things in business, that meeting wasn’t planned. Doug had some key questions……..similar to my banker. What is your succession plan? Never thought about that before I said through a yawn and saggy eyes. But it did perk my interest when I found out what services Robbinex provided.

My business partner and wife Michelle became keenly interested when we thought about the prospect of selling our business. I would have never understood the complexity of selling a business. If we never sold in early 2017, we would have had the best well-oiled and organized business ever. We started re-organizing our business and positioning for sale in 2012. Top to bottom, soup to nuts, the business was transformed. Doug and I became friends through the process. Mid 2016 we had two offers.

Michelle and I had a plan to retire finally. The company was in good hands and my loyal employees were now part of a 150 year old Multi-national European company with a very bright future.

For fun along that journey, I referred to Doug as my “Business Architect”. We laughed about that over the odd beer. We joked that Doug would use that in his business, until I knew he was serious.

We are very grateful for the experience that Doug and his team at Robbinex brought to us. I would encourage anyone with interests such as ours to make contact with him.

Ted Lyons

Brunner, ON

Sinclair Erie Ltd.

Robbinex managed the sale of my business and I was very satisfied with the entire process. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable and Doug Robbins possesses all the attributes and skills necessary to make Robbinex a successful M & A company. I found the Robbinex experience professional, pleasant and rewarding. I would not hesitate in recommending Robbinex.

Ted Sinclair

Raleigh, NC

Goodberry’s Creamery Inc.

We have used the services of Robbinex Inc. on a number of occasions. The first time was in the Spring of 1975 when Doug sold five A&W Restaurants for our Group. Then in the Summer of 1977, he was instrumental in dealing with a partnership reorganization. From 1979 to 1980, Robbinex assisted us with corporate expansion into Canada.

We have just recently solicited Robbinex’s assistance in shareholder reorganization.

I’ve continued to use their services because of excellent results, and I heartily recommend Robbinex.

Harry Brathwaite

Madison Heights, MI

A.C. Steel Rule Dies Inc.

We attended the Robbinex workshop. The presenters were knowledgeable and portrayed a realistic picture of the process of selling a business.

We went through Phases 1, 2 and 3, and sold our business. Everything happened as they said, including more than one offer.

I’d recommend Robbinex any time.

Gloria Poremski

Oakville, ON

Polymark Manufacturing Inc.

Dear Sirs:

We considered selling our business, after attending a Robbinex workshop, and are now happy we chose to list our business with Robbinex.

Robbinex was persistent in pursuing qualified buyers. We did entertain several offers, but only recently did we feel that the right buyer had come along, who had the professional qualifications to successfully operate the business in a profitable manner.

Throughout the process, the Robbinex team used their negotiating skills to facilitate the sale, and dealt with the issues effectively. Robbinex worked diligently on our behalf, and all parties established a good working relationship, thereby streamlining the process, and minimizing the stress of the transaction.

We would recommend Robbinex Inc. and their team of professionals to anyone who contemplates the sale of their business.

Eric and Valerie Lemberg

Calgary, AB

Caytec Equipment Ltd.

In March 2004, our company signed the closing documents of the sale of our company to Diesel Equipment Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario.

In 2002, the undersigned attended a workshop presented by Mr. Don Forrest of Robbinex Inc., on how to prepare yourself to sell your company, to determine its value and how to market it. It was a real eye opener and made us decide to engage the help of professionals to ultimately offer our company up for sale.

We went ahead and had the Company Profile done. A year later, it appeared to be the right time (Timing is everything!) to go to market. It did not take long and the prospective buyer was found.

Because of the professionalism of all Robbinex staff, it has been a real pleasure to do business with them. At all times, we were kept informed of all actions and meetings with the buyer and good advise was given as to how to deal with the initial Letter of Intent and the total due diligence process. It can be stressful and distracting at times, but they kept it to a minimum. We truly believe that they have the vendors’ best interest at heart and will ultimately come up with a better deal than trying to sell it yourself.

We can highly recommend their services!

Peter Vanderlinden,
President, Caytec Equipment Ltd.

Brantford, ON

Crown Manufacturing Inc.

The folks at Robbinex, during their initial analysis of my business determined that we had to deal with major issues:

  • A major environmental problem from a former owner
  • Tax problem as a result of my son’s business being a division of my company
  • A vendor held mortgage was due and not renewable
  • Value enhancement opportunities were identified
  • At 68, my health was suffering because of the pressures of owning a business

Robbinex greatly assisted in dealing with all these issues. My company was restructured in such a way that we were able to transfer the business to my son, tax free. The environmental problems were cleaned up over a two year period. Robbinex’s Value Enhancement Recommendations were implemented resulting in a sales increase of $4 million with the bottom line being doubled and my personal time spent in the business being substantially reduced. Robbinex had offers from three buyers at the same time. In conclusion, the business was sold for almost $1 million more than the valuation price… and I received all cash. I heartfully recommend the folks at Robbinex.

Jack Verity


Benefect Corp.

I met Doug Robbins when his firm, Robbinex approached me on behalf of a client they were working with, who expressed an interest in doing something with Benefect.

After some discussion Doug recommended that we concentrate on growing Benefect by expanding our distribution network. We focused on this and greatly increased both revenues and profits over the next couple of years.

About 2 ½ years later, I called Doug because I had received an unsolicited offer for my business. Doug’s response was that there were better, more qualified buyers available than the original offer, and he then found a purchaser that paid a huge amount more that the unsolicited offer.

I found the Robbinex people always had my best interest at heart and I have no problem recommending them to anyone contemplating a change, whether improving their business, or selling it.

Sam DeAth

Sault St. Marie, ON

City of Sault St. Marie

Only recently did The Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, become aware of the psychological tool, The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS), that has been developed by Dr. Robert Nideffer of Enchanced Performance Systems.

We have used this tool in several of our hires, including our most senior positions and have found the results most valuable in candidate selection. The speed with which the results were provided, as well as the personal follow-up by Dr. Wolfe has been most helpful in our selection process.

We will definitely continue to use the TAIS inventory and Dr. Wolfe’s services through Robbinex Inc., in the future.

Respectfully yours,
Joe Fratesi
Chief Administrative Officer

Kingston, ON

Parker & Associates

For me, the negotiation was a emotional experience with many highs, including progress on a difficult legal issue, and lows, such as the surfacing of potentially deal breaking matters. Having Robbinex as the intermediary and second ear to the negotiations was invaluable. On more than one occasion, they listened to the concerns of both sides dispassionately and were able to either manage the communication or mediate. Once the transfer of shares was complete, I felt more relieved than elated.”

Jim Parker, President, Parker & Associates

Concord, ON

Royal Shirt Co. Ltd.

We approached Robbinex to transfer our business to our daughters. After they completed a Phase One Analysis of our business, they recommended that the business not be sold to the daughters, and that a Value Enhancement Program be implemented.

Robbinex worked closely with us for more than a year, helping us to increase profits more than five-fold. We have since sold the business with Robbinex’s help for a very good price.

Both my wife, Mary, and I recommend Robbinex.

Lui D’abbondanza

Waterford, ON

R.H. Laning & Sons

I had known Doug Robbins for approximately ten years when I approached him to sell my business. His first question was “Why don’t you give it to your son?” I explained that I’d offered it to him and he declined.

Robbinex then took my company to market and found a buyer who, after due diligence, insisted that my son had to sign a 5-year management contract and a Non-Compete Agreement. Subsequent analysis revealed that my son had more than enough ability to operate the business, but had some serious reservations which precluded him from taking over. Robbinex quickly dealt with those issues and my son and daughter now own and operate the family business, and quite successfully, I might add.

If it wasn’t for Robbins, my family wouldn’t have continued with my business, and I’m eternally thankful for the role he played.

Robert Laning

Oakville, Ontario

Jerdan Door & Frame Ltd.

My thanks to the staff at Robbinex!

When my husband died suddenly years ago, I was left with a small business in an industry I knew nothing about. After three, often stressful years, I approached Robbinex to help me sell the company. Doug’s enthusiasm quickly caught on and I found myself learning more about business and myself in the months prior to the sale than in any of the previous three years.

Prior to listing the business, Robbinex staff identified strengths and weakness and helped me turn substantial losses into substantial profits, making my company as attractive as possible to any potential buyer. I valued Robbinex’s ability to look at my company objectively where I sometimes couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Bob Drennan at Robbinex introduced me to many potential buyers but always made it clear it was my decision who I would eventually deal with. I was very satisfied with the control I had in the selection of who to sell my business too. The individual who eventually did purchase the company was in my opinion as close to a perfect fit as I ever expected.

Bob’s patience and level head during negotiations was calming and refreshing in what was a stressful time for me. In the end we made a deal that all parties were very happy with.

Again, my sincere thanks to the staff at Robbinex. I have a particularly heartfelt thanks for Bob for making the sale of my business a much more satisfying experience than I was expecting.

Christine German

St. Catharines, ON

The Performance Group of Automotive Companies

We retained Robbinex to do a Phase One Business Analysis on our Group of Companies. The purpose was to assist us in creating a structure that would allow a key employee to buy into an ownership program.

Robbinex also identified a number of value enhancement opportunities and worked diligently for over two years to assist in implementation.
Robbinex is highly regarded by my partner and myself, and we are proud to consider them advisors to our Board.

Cam Champion
Brian J. Tucker

Toronto, ON


Doug Robbins provided an insightful presentation to a dedicated community of financial and insurance advisors. Not an easy task given the high level of experience in the room. Doug’s information was right on topic, cutting edge and very informative. His ability to field questions from both senior level advisors and those just entering the business made him a hit with our audience.

Not only was he an excellent speaker, his professional assistance leading up to our event was timely and information was made available in a format that allowed our guests to maximize their learning through presentation materials and followup access.
We look forward to have Doug join us for a special “Client Appreciation” event being developed for our members in the near future. He would be an asset to anyone’s programme.

Nancy Little
Executive Director