Judi Johnstone


As a Member of the Robbinex team, Judi will be relying on her years’ of experience in the art of relationship building. The position of Member Liaison brings her years of experience into focus as she builds a presence within Robbinex for specialists in many fields who thrive on finding timely advice for their clients, looking to build their business through acquisition or even to take the necessary steps to divest themselves of their business so they can move on to the next challenges in their lives. Judi recognizes that the specialists she offers the Associate designation to will also be able to access years of knowledge and enjoy the process of education offered through Robbinex. They will be able to service their own clients better and give them a distinct edge in their competitive marketplace.

Judi’s experience spans the world of real estate through the turbulent ’70s and on into the ’90s when she enjoyed finding the right solutions for her clients on all levels of the real estate spectrum. Relationships built with lawyers, accountants, bankers and mortgage specialists served her well with the real estate focus and moved along with her into her second challenge.

Judi Johnstone

Making the change in 1997 to an international commercial finance group was a challenge welcomed by Judi as it afforded her the opportunity to find solutions for her clients rooted initially in their financing needs but usually expanding well beyond as she was treated as the “go-to” person for other challenges her clients faced. The building of the Eastern Canada division of the finance group brought with it the accolades and recognition that can only be experienced when succeeding in building a business from the ground up.

Building and maintaining a network of specialists who are ready to respond to the needs of business owners continues to be one of Judi’s primary business pleasures. Having assisted in launching one of the most successful B2B BNI Chapters in Canada in 2005, Judi has served as President of the Chapter for 2 years running as well as positions such as Mentor and Director for 3 Golden Horseshoe Chapters. The knowledge and training in networking skills and the transfer of that information to incoming Members heighten Judi’s recognition in the business community.