Donald A Forrest


Don graduated in 1969 Metallurgical Engineering, worked in research with INCO, then joined Bell Canada in sales 1971, was awarded an early pension and retired (1997) as an Acting Director of Sales.

Don began work with Robbinex Inc., in December 1997, assisting D.M.Robbins President, with field sales work, training, conducting Robbinex workshops becoming Vice President, Business Development in approximately 2001, he retired after 20+ years in 2017/2018.

Donald A Forrest

Past Experiences

  • Conducted research experiments in vacuum desulphurization of Nickel, kiln reduction of laterite ore and fluidized bed work for INCO
  • Joined Bell Canada in Sales in 1971
  • Promoted to Sales Instructor Bell Canada 1973
  • Promoted to Sales Manager 1975
  • Time spent in various departments as a Tier 2 Manager, Audits, Safety, Special Projects for Ontario Region Vice President
  • Retired early from Bell Canada as an Acting Director 1997
  • Don Assisted Big Brothers, taught children and adults golf at golf camps, was a Leader in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for 13+ years


  • Metallurgical Engineering 1969
  • Graduated Sheridan College in Sales 1973
  • Obtained an M.B.A. April 24th, 2003; after 21.5 years night school