Phase One Senior Analyst


  • To supervise Phase One activity
  • To fulfill contractual obligations by providing business assessments, analyses, and valuations for Robbinex clients.

Responsibilities & Accountability

  1. In addition to the Business Analyst responsibilities outlined below (4 – 11), supervises all Robbinex Phase One business analysis activity performed by both in-house Business Analysts, and contracted affiliates.
  2. Tracks Phase One contract fulfillment, and prepares Monthly Report for Management Review.
  3. Chairs regularly scheduled Phase One progress and planning meetings.
  4. Evaluates clients’ businesses and prepares and delivers written Phase One Business Analysis Reports, to include but not limited to:
    • Recast financial statements of the client’s business to present the past financial history of the business
    • Research the Clients industry and markets
    • Develop revenue projections and pro forma financial statements for the future three years
    • Determine the investment and/or fair market value of the business
    • Prepare a document that describes the Client’s operations including (as applicable) its products, services, customers, sales and marketing efforts, organization and facilities
    • Identify value enhancement opportunities, if any
    • Identify obstacles to a successful sale, if any, and recommend solutions to the obstacles
    • Completes a detailed SWOT Analysis
    • Reviews the 14 alternatives with the client’s situation
  5. Reviews contents of the client’s completed Robbinex Confidential Information Requisition noting areas requiring additional information or clarification.
  6. Conducts site visits of client premises, and schedules and conducts personal client interviews and follow-up meetings as necessary to complete the information gathering process.
  7. Conducts financial analysis and determines fair market value/investment value through a series of calculations based on an asset valuation, historic earnings valuation, future maintainable earnings valuation, completed transactions data and liquidation valuations.
  8. Identifies and makes recommendations regarding opportunities for the client to improve and enhance the value of the business.
  9. Prepares the Phase One Business Analysis Report in a format suitable for the client, including a powerpoint summary presentation.
  10. In collaboration with other Robbinex team members, conducts or participates in the Phase One Meeting at which the final Phase One Business Analysis Report is presented to the client.
  11. Provides information and input to the Business Intermediaries and Management when a client converts to Phase Two. Facilitates team member’s clear understanding of the client’s business, and assists Phase Three Business Intermediaries with due diligence activities, including managers and the Virtual Data Room throughout the due diligence process.
  12. Attends the weekly Phase Three Progress and Planning meeting to support the Business Intermediaries by providing the Phase One perspective in the form of background client information, as well as brainstorming and problem solving input.
  13. As a condition of employment, observes strict confidentiality with respect to client affairs, revealing proprietary confidential information only with prior expressed client consent, and executive approval.
  14. As a condition of employment, strictly complies with the Robbinex Quality Policy as set out in the Quality Manual, and as supported by written departmental procedures and responsibilities, and further defined in work instructions, all as specified in scheduled Performance Reviews, and Quality System Management Reviews.
  15. Effectively uses, controls, and accounts for Robbinex corporate promotional materials supplied, including but not limited to audio-visual material, corporate brochures and other literature, sales letters, newsletters, article reprints, and promotional gifts.
  16. Carefully researches and submits to the President for approval all propose expenditures, within the context of the overall budget.
  17. Records pre-approved personal business and business travel expenses on a standard corporate expense account form, and submits monthly to the President for payment approval, and subsequent reimbursement.
  18. This position reports to and receives direction from the President.
  19. This position interacts with all departments, and receives support from the company’s Administrative Assistant.

Performance Criteria

Performance is formally reviewed at appropriate intervals and measured against the following standards:

  • Timeliness and quality of Phase One Business Analysis Reports
  • Effective use of Robbinex resources, including premises, equipment, support staff, and resource staff
  • Input to continuous improvement of departmental procedures and outcomes, including those relating to information gathering, document preparation, work-flow and productivity
  • Compliance with quality system requirements, as determined by Quality System Audits, reported on, and responded to in scheduled Management Reviews
  • Consistent demonstration of the communication skills detailed below, in Selection Criteria
  • Professional and respectful personal conduct in all dealings with clients, employees, suppliers, and the general public

Selection Criteria

Selection of an individual for this position will be predicated on:

  • Excellent knowledge of Robbinex Phase One Analysis processes, and solid orientation to Robbinex in general, or equivalent level of outside experience
  • Successful attainment of post-secondary graduation from a business discipline; (e.g. B. Comm., C.A., CGA, MBA, etc.)
  • Current recognized Business Valuation accreditation (or willingness to obtain)
  • M & A experience/completion of due diligence assignments
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, with potential for success in the areas of client relations, empathetic listening, report writing, and oral report presentation
  • Strong organizational ability and attention to detail
  • Ability to work unsupervised and focus on detailed analysis for sustained periods of time
  • Levels of literacy, numeracy, analytical, problem-solving skills equal to those resulting from successful completion of post-secondary education (as compared with North American educational standards)
  • Appropriate keyboarding skills, and level of facility with computer software in current use at Robbinex
  • Experience and skill in internet research
  • Professional and respectful personal presentation
  • Willingness to abide by all Robbinex corporate policies, including the Confidentiality Agreement, and Quality Policy

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