About Us

How we are unique

There is no other firm like Robbinex:

  1. Focused on owners of mid-sized businesses. We are specialized and focused on looking after all transitional and transactional needs of mid-sized business owners. This specialization and focus allows us to be more responsive to mid-sized business owners.
  2. ISO process. Robbinex is the only M&A firm in the world to obtain an ISO certificate on our processes (ISO 9001-2015). This provides assurance to our clients that we have put an enormous amount of thought into the processes by which we conduct our business. A cornerstone of any ISO process is that we are always learning, and constantly incorporating improvements into our system, so that what every staff member learns from every client is built into improving the experience of our next client.
  3. Depth and breadth of experience. Our principal has been involved in over 500 successfully closed transactions over 40 years.